Irish Surnames in Providence and Kent Counties, Rhode Island, & the Irish Counties They Represent

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The flags of Ulster (upper left), Munster (upper right), C Connacht (lower left) & Leinster (lower right).

For anyone who is Irish-American, and whose family came to America before 1900, the question of where in Ireland those people came from is all too often unanswerable. But for those who came to Rhode Island, some under-studied bank records are opening doors.

Founded in 1819, the Society for Savings in Providence was the major savings bank for much of the immigrant population as early as the 1840’s. Before the mid-1860’s, very little information was attached to the individual when he or she signed in to the “Signature Books.”

However, by 1863, occupations and addresses were being added to the signings. In the day before photo identification, and with so many people carrying the same names, it became necessary to add information that could properly identify the bank customer.

For those tracing their Irish roots, the most exciting addition to the collected information came toward the end of the 1860’s when the Irish home counties were added to the records. It is from this time on that we can see more clearly where individuals and families originated.

It is a twist of fate that in the 1990’s Rhode Island Historical Society was able to obtain the records of the Society for Savings, popularly known as the “Old Stone Bank” after it’s 1854 home on South Main Street.

It is from these signature books, as well as cemetery stones and naturalization records, that the following list is compiled. It is by no means complete, even for the pages recorded. If names were difficult to read they were not included. Neither were the entrees of women as it is unclear whether they used their maiden names or their husbands. And thus, county origin of the name could not be certain. It is a shame, because more women opened bank accounts than did men.

In cases where the handwriting was difficult to read, names were cross-referenced with city directories and naturalization records.

It also must be noted that those listed, while mostly from Rhode Island, included people from the nearby Blackstone River Valley and Fall River, and in some cases, further afield. It makes sense when one considers that the immigrants in Providence worked for companies with mills in those two areas. People not only traveled up and down the Blackstone River Valley for work, but also met spouses and settled in those towns.

Finally, the spelling of the names in the signature books, while mostly accurate, could still be in error. We have certainly seen that in other documents, including city directories, census records and even naturalization records.

There is one more caveat. In the aftermath of the Great Hunger, there was a great dispersal of population throughout the island. And thus, someone listed as coming from County Cork, for instance, may have had a parent from County Kerry to the west who came to Cork for food or work. And thus, that family might have been just one generation in Cork and yet many generations in Kerry. I have a great grandmother, for example, whose parents and ancestors were natives of County Roscommon. Because she was born in Manchester, England, and even though the family returned to Roscommon after her birth and before emigrating to Rhode Island, she is still listed on documents as being a native of Manchester.

As we have seen, the southern part of Ulster, the province in the north of the island, accounted for perhaps half of the famine generation of Irish immigrants to Providence. A more comprehensive list of the natives of counties Tyrone and Monaghan are listed separately in the essay “Federal Hill Surnames in the Late 1860’s.” By the late 1860’s, twenty years after the first wave of famine immigrants reached our shores, large numbers of folk from counties like Leitrim and Roscommon were joining their Ulster friends in Providence.

This project will be updated regularly. Currently, there are 1923 surname and county combinations (2/4/18).

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County Antrim (including Belfast)

Barry, Bowers, Boyce, Boyd, Byrne, Briant, Bryant, Campbell, Chapman, Cogan, Cowperthwaite, Gowdy, Hamill, Holloday, Jordan, Kelly, Kelso, Kennedy, Livingston, Lowry, Magill, McAninch, McCarthy, McCarty, McCaughin, McCrum, McGilfin, McGowan, McIntire, McIntosh, McKelvey, McKnight, McMeekin, McQuitty, Moore, Morris, Morrisson, Sellers, Vanner, Walker, Wilson

County Armagh

Bannon, Brannon, Burns, Campbell, Carbery, Cassidy, Cunningham, Cusack, Donnelly, Doyle, Fagan, Flemming, Goff, Hannoway, Henry, Hughes, McCusker, McFall, McGlennan, McGleenan, McGlinn, McGough, McKenna, McKnight, McKowan, Morris, Nugent, Robinson, Thornton, Tierney

County Carlow

Burns, Campfield, Cavanagh, Darcy, Doan, Doran, Drew, Fenlon, Finlan, Gahan, Hayden, Kavanagh, Kinsella, McCann, Nolan, Reiley, Reynolds, Ryan

County Cavan

Baker, Bannon, Barker, Baxter, Black, Boylan, Brady, Campbell, Cannon, Carbin, Carroll, Cavanagh, Clark, Clarke, Conlin, Connell, Connelly, Corcoran, Coyle, Cregan, Creighton, Cronin, Crossen, Curran, Curry, Cusick, Degnan, Dolan, Donough, Donahue, Dorey, Dowd, Doyle, Dullhide, Fenner, Finnegan, Fitzpatrick, Fitzsimmons, Flemming, Flood, Gaffney, Galligan, Goldrick, Gough, Halton, Higgins, Johnson, Johnston, Kavanagh, Heating, Keenan, Kelly, King, Lahey, Leddy, Lee, Leonard, Liddy, Lynch, Lynn, Maguire, Mahon, Maloney, Martin, Masterdon, Masterson, McAdams, McCabe, McCall, McComb, McCormick, McDermott, McDonald, McDonnell, McEwen, McFadden, McGinity, McGinn, McGivna, McGovern, McKenna, McKiernan, McNulty, McPhillips, Mohan, Morris, Morrow, Mullen, Murphy, O’Reilly, O’Riley, Owens, Patterson, Quinlan, Reilly, Reynolds, Riley, Sheridan, Shields, Smith, Tully, Waters

County Clare

Cahir, Callahan, Claire, Coffey, Davit, Doherty, Doyle, Dugan, Edwards, Fitzgerald, Flanigan, Fury, Galvin, Gleason, Gorman, Grady, Gullion, Healy, Howard, Kelly, Kennedy, Keough, Kerough, King, Kinna, Madden, Mahoney, Maloney, McClune, McMahon, Monaghan, Nagle, Neelan, Nestor, Noon, O’Brien, O’Connor, O’Laughlin, Quinn, Reynolds, Slattery

County Cork

Ahern, Arnold, Barry, Breen, Buckley, Burke, Cahill, Callahan, Cashman, Castigan, Caule, Coakley, Colbert, Collins, Colman, Connors, Conroy, Conway, Cordie, Costigan, Costine, Cronan,  Cronin, Crowley, Cullin, Cusick, Daily, Daly, DeCourcy, Denahy, Desmond, Donohue, Donovan, Drew, Driscol, Driscoll, Dwyer, Egan, Finton, Fitzgerald, Flynn, Foley, Forrester, Gall, Geary, Glavin, Goggin, Griffin, Grogan, Haggerty, Haley, Halloran, Hanley, Hanna, Harrington, Hart, Hegarty, Hennessey, Hern, Holland, Hurley, Keleher, Kelleher, Kidd, Lane, Leary, Lehane, Loughlin, Lynch, Maher, Mahoney, Mansfield, Mathews, McAuliff, McCarthy, McCarty, McDonald, Mead, Meade, Mooney, Morrison, Murphy, Murray, Negle, Noonan, O’Brien, O’Connell, O’Hearn, O’Keith, O’Neill, Potts, Reardon, Regan, Scanlon, Shea, Sheehan, Shugrue, Sliney, Smith, Sullivan, Tobin, Tyson, Welsh, White, Williams

County Derry

Diamond, Drummond, Dunlop, Flynn, Gilmore, Harvey, Kearney, Kelly, Kerr, Lynch, McAlister, McCall, McCann, McCartney, McEldowney, McKenna, McLaughlin, McPeak, O’Kean, O’Neill, Scandlan, Walker

County Donegal

Bogan, Bradley, Carr, Cassals, Crosby, Daly, Dougherty, Ingraham, Irvine, Kirkland, Maguire, McArdle, McGlenna, McGowan, McLaughlin, Mulhern, Mullin, O’Donnell

County Down

Aiken, Anderson, Boyd, Burns, Clark, Diamond, Greg, Gribbon, Griffin, Hagan, Hannity, Herald, Hughes, Loughlin, Magoran, McCartan, McComb, McCome, McCoy, McGammelly, McGoran, McGuinness, McKitchen, McVey, Meagan, O’Hare, Poland, Rogan, Small, Ward

County Dublin

Ahern, Barrett, Brennan, Burns, Byrne, Callahan, Cole, Connor, Corrigan, Crawford, Croker, D’Arcy, Darcy, Delancy, Delaney, Doyle, Dunn, Finnegan, Gallagher, Graham, Hagan, Higgins, Kearney, King, Lynch, Mahn, McDuff, McGuinness, Mulholland, Murphy, O’Keefe, Oldham, Rice, Rooney, Ryan, Smith, Stapleton, Tate, Toole, Wall, Wright

County Fermanagh

Barton, Clark, Clarke, Corrigan, Donnelly, Farrell, Farry, Gallagher, Greene, Hughes, Joyce, Keefe,Maginn, Maguire, Martin, McAllon, McAloon, McCaffrey, McCanna, McCarren, McCarthy, McGee, McGinn, McGuire, McHugh, McKenna,  McManus, Murphy, Murray, Quigley, Reilly, Swift, Tierney

County Galway

Bohan, Brady, Broderick, Burke, Cain, Carey, Coen, Cone, Conlan, Conley,Connelly, Connors, Conroy, Coughlin, Creighton, Cummings, Curley, Delaney, Devine, Devlin, Drury, Dwyer, Egan, Fahey, Fanning, Finnigan, Flaherty, Galvin, Geraghty, Giblon, Gordon, Golden, Hughes, Kelly, Kennedy, Lane, Lynch, Lyons, Marrins, Martin, McCarthy, McCormick, McDonagh, McGrath, McNamara, Mullen, Mulvey, Murphy, Murray, Newell, Nolan, Nutley, O’Brien, O’Neil, Pursell, Quinn, Rafferty, Raftery, Rooney, Smith, Stanton, Stapleton, Tobin, Toolan, Tracy, Tully, Washington

County Kerry

Ahern, Brown, Butler, Coakley, Connell, Connor, Connors, Cronin, Daily, Daly, Dowling, Egan, Falvey, Garin, Garvey, Gearin, Griffin, Headen, Holohan, Lawler, Lewis, Lynch, Lyons, Mahoney, Maloney, McCarthy, McCarty, McGillicuddy, Murphy, O’Brien, O’Connell, O’Connor, O’Leary, O’Loughlin, O’Mara, O’Meara, O’Neil, O’Reilly, O’Shea, O’Sullivan, Price, Reilly, Rice, Roach, Shaw, Shay, Slattery, Stratton, Sullivan, Toohey

County Kildare

Berta, Carr, Cummings, Dolan, Fitzgerald, Henry, Kelly, Nolan, Waldron, Walsh, Wilson

County Kilkenny

Brazell, Brown, Butler, Cahill, Carroll, Cooney, Crotty, Dady, Deady, Dempsy, Doyle, Dunne, Farnum, Fitzpatrick, Fletcher, Hennessy, Hogan, Kelly, Kennedy, Keough, Lahey, Loughman, Lynch, Maddigan, Meagher, Meaney, Moore, Murphy, Nolan, Noonan, O’Hearn, O’Neil, Powers, Reddy, Ryan, Welsh, Whelan, White

Kings County (today County Offaly)

Coughlin, Duffy, Dunigan, Lally, Feeney, Haven, Kelly, Kennedy, Murphy, Murray, O’Connell, Sullivan

County Leitrim

Bannon, Baxter, Bennis, Bland, Blessin, Blessing, Bohan, Bowen, Brady, Burns, Campbell, Canning, Cannon, Carley, Carrigan, Carter, Carty, Condry, Conlan, Cox, Cramer, Cregan, Crofton, Cullen, Curran, Daly, Degnal, Degnan, Deigan, Doherty, Dolan, Donahoe, Donnelly, Doonan, Doran, Dorsey, Doud, Dow, Dowd, Doyle, Dyer, Early, Fanning, Farrell, Flanagan, Flannigan, Flynn, Foley, Ford, Fox, Freeeman, Gaffney, Gallagher, Gannan, Gaynor, Gibbons, Gilchrist, Gildea, Gilhaney, Gilheeny, Gilleney, Gillogley, Gormley, Grane, Gray, Green, Greenan, Greene, Haslan, Healy, Heeran, Howard, Island, Johnston, Keany, Keegan, Kegan, Kelly, Kiernan, Kilkenny, Lloyd, Maguire, Mahan, Mahon, Mahoney, Makin, Mallaney, McCabe, McCaffrey,McCarten, McCauley, McCormick, McCune, McDermott, McGarrahan, McGarty, McGee, McGinnis, McGirl, McGlinn, McGough, McGovern, McGrail, McGrain, McGinnis, McGuire, McHugh, McIntire, McKenny, McKeon, McLaughlin, McLoughlin, McMahon, McMorrow, McQueeny, McTeigue, McTierman, Mitchell, Moran, Mulholland, Mullen, Mulvey, Murray, O’Connell, O’Malley, O’Neill, O’Reilly, O’Rourke, Packingham, Prior, Quinn, Regan, Reilly, Reynolds, Riley, Roach, Roarke, Rogers,Roseter, Rourke, Rowley, Ryan, Shanley, Short, Slavin, Smith, Stretten, Sweeney, Terry, Tiernan, Travers, Walsh, Ward, Welch, Whalen

County Limerick

Baggottt, Buckley, Cronin, Darcy, Dillon, Donovan, Egan, Fox, Hennessey, Holland, Howard, Kennedy, Lynch,  Lyons, Madigan, Mahoney, McElliott, Mulloy, O’Bannon, O’Connor, O’Donnell, O’Keefe, Shannon, Whalen

County Longford

Brady, Bromley, Burke, Burns, Cadden, Carr, Casey, Cooney, Courtney, Dolan, Donnelly, Dooris, Doyle, Duke, Early, Fallen, Farrell, Flanagan, Gillen, Givney, Glancy, Gormley, Green, Halligan (priest, not nec part of family), Harrington, Hay, Hudson, Lynch, Martin, McCabe, McDermott, McDonald, McLaughlin, McMartin, Monaghan, Murphy, Neary, O’Neill, O’Riley, Power, Ray, Reilly, Rourke, Sheekey, Sheridan, Smith, Sullivan, Tally, Whitney

County Louth

Bannon, Bullock, Cassidy, Conway, Cook, Corrigan, Duff, Eccleston, George, Hanlon, Henry, Hodge, Hoey, Kane, Leach, McMahon, Murphy, Taft, Tracy

County Mayo

Barrett, Beddington, Coleman, Cummings, Doonan, Drury, Duffy, Dunleavy, Durkin, Fahey, Finnegan, Golden, Hefferan, Higgins, Hughes, Hunt, Jordan, Joyce, Larvin, Lyon, McCarthy, McHale, McNally, McNulty, O’Malley, Rooney, Scanlon, Ternay, Tierney, Vallily, Wallace

County Meath

Brennan, Carr, Casey, Clark, Coyle, Cunningham, Donnelly, Farley, Fitzsimmons, Flanagan, Flemming, Foster, Keeffe, Kiernan, Kingly, Larkin, Lyons, McKenna (one found in St. Mary’s, Pawt) Monaghan, Muloney, Reilly, Sheridan

County Monaghan (for additional Monaghan names see the blog entry, “Federal Hill Surnames in the Late 1860’s”).

Banagan, Bashford, Brady, Branagan, Burke, Burns, Callaghan, Callahan, Carney, Carroll, Cassidy, Cavanagh, Clark, Clarkin, Clinton, Collins, Conlan, Conley, Conlin, Connelly, Connery, Connor, Connors, Conway, Corbett, Cormack, Corran, Corrigan, Cosgrove, Costello, Cox, Coyle, Coyne, Creighton, Crosby, Cullen, Cummings, Cummiskey, Curley, Curry, Dailey, Daly, Darcey, Degan, Delaney, Devlin, Doherty, Donaldson, Donnelly, Douglas, Dowd, Dowe, Downey, Drugan, Duffy, Duggan, Dunn, Egnew, Fanning, Farley, Farmer, Farrell, Feany, Feeney, Finegan,Finn, Finnegan, Fitzgerald, Fitzpatrick, Flanagan, Flood, Flynn, Foley, Ford, Foye, Fraser, Gagin, Galligher, Gardiner, Garlan, Geraghty, Gibson, Gillan, Gillen, Goff, Golden, Goodwin, Gordon, Gorman, Gormley, Gough, Greene, Hackett, Hamill, Hamilton, Hand, Handy, Hangan, Harris, Hart, Henry, Hickey, Holland, Hoye, Hughes, Jackson, Jenkins, Johnson, Johnston, Kane, Kavanagh, Keenan, Keirns, Kelley, Kelligan, Kelly, Kennedy, Larkin, Laughlin, Leary, Lee, Lennon, Logan, Loughran, Lynch, Lyons, Macklin, Magee, Maguire, Mahoney, Malone, Markey, Marky, Martin, McAleer, McAnally, McAtee, McBride, McCabe, McCaffrey, McCahey, McCann, McCanna, McCarren, McCarron, McCaughey, McConnell, McCormick, McCudden, McCullen, McCusker, McDermott, McDonnell, McElheney, McElroy, McFadden, McGarrell, McGee, McGill, McGinley, McGinn, McGinnis, McGinnity, McGlone, McGough, McGovern, McGowan, McGrath, McGuigan, McGuinnes, McGuire, McHenry, McKamee, McKanna, McKenna, McKenny, McKeon, McKnight, McLaughlin, McMahon, McMan, McManus, McMurray, McNally, McNulty, McPhillips, McQuade, McQuillan, McShean, McSherry, McVicker, Meegan, Meehen, Meginnity, Miner, Moan, Monaghan, Monahan, Mooney, Moore, Moris, Morris, Mullen, Mulligan, Mulvaney, Mulvey, Murphy, Murray, Nelson, O’Brien, O’Connor, O’Donnell, O’Neil, O’Reilly, Owens, Phillips, Quinn, Rattigan, Reynolds, Rice, Roberts, Robinson, Roe, Rogers, Roney, Rooney, Rowley, Russell, Ryan, Sheridan, Smith, Smyth, Sullivan, Sweeney, Swift, Thompson, Thomson, Thornton, Tierney, Trainor, Treanor, Turbot, Tyrrell, Vicker, Ward

Queens County (today County Loais)

Adams, Buggy, Dalton, Delany, Dowling, Downey, Fitzpatrick, Ryan, Sandy, Vero, Whelan

County Roscommon

Bannon, Beatty, Benson,Borkin, Boland, Bolen, Boyd, Braman, Brennan, Burke, Burns, Butler, Cain, Campbell, Carley, Carroll, Casey, Cassidy, Cavanagh, Clabby, Coffey, Coleman, Conlon, Conly, Connell, Connelly, Connor, Connors, Conry, Cooney, Corcoran, Corley, Coughlan, Couley, Cox, Cramer, Croghen, Cuddy, Cuff, Cuffe, Curley, Daily, Dalton, Daly, Degnan, Devaney, Devenish, Difley, Dillon, Dinegan, Divine, Dolan,Donegan, Doland, Donlan, Donnelly, Doolan, Dooly, Dougherty, Dowling, Doyle, Drudy, Drury, Duffy, Eagan, Egan, Fahey, Fallon, Fane, Fanning, Farrell, Featherstone, Feeley, Feeney, Flanagan, Flynn, Foster, Gaffney, Garin, Garvey, Gately, Gavan, Gavican, Geraghy, Gibbin, Gibbons, Gilmartin, Gilroe, Golden, Gorman, Gormley, Graham, Greeley, Greene, Grey, Hanley, Hanly, Hanson, Hart, Harvey, Havey, Head, Healey, Henry, Higgins, Holden, Hynds, Jennings, Kain, Kearney, Keaney, Kearns, Keegan, Kelly, Kenny, Kielty (most likely near the border with Sligo), Killian, Killion, Kilmartin, Kilroe, Kirwin, Kneeland, Lambert, Lannon, Larkin, Larvin, Lavin, Lee, Lenihan, Lennon, Lester, Logan, Looby, Looly, Lovett, Lowrie, Lyons, Mahan, Malady, Mangan, Manning, McAndrews, McAvoy, McCarey, McCarthy, McCormick, McCrann, McDermott, McDonagh, McDonald, McDonnell, McEvoy, McGloughlin, McGreevy, McHugh,McLaughlin, McSloey, Meed, Monahan, Moran, Morris, Mullin, Mulvaney, Mulvey, Murphy,  Murray, Murry, Neilan, Nolan, Oates, O’Conor, O’Connell, O’Donnell, O’Dowd, Owens, Padian, Parker, Phillips, Queeny, Quigley, Quinn, Quintan, Radican, Ratigan, Rattigan, Reddington, Regan, Reilly, Reynolds, Riley, Ryan, Scandlen, Scanlon, Shanley, Shannon, Shea, Simms, Singele, Stretch, Stroker, Sullivan, Sully, Sweeney, Taafe, Thompson, Tiernan, Trimble, Tully

County Sligo

Barritt, Brannon, Bree, Brennan, Bryan, Butler, Carty, Cavanagh, Clark, Connors, Corcorran, Crain, Crane, Cryan, Drury, Dyer, Feely, Feeney, Finn, Fletcher, Flynn, Fury, Gaffney, Gallagher,Gilgan, Gillan, Gilligan, Gore, Haley, Hannan, Harding, Hart, Healy, Henigan, Hennigan, Hunt, Kelty, Keogh, Kielty, King, Laighton, Loughlin, May, McCabe, McCann, McCarthy, McDermott, McDonough, McGowen, McHugh, McLaughlin, McLoughlin, Meehan, Mehan, Mullen, Mulvaney, O’Donnell, Quinn, Rogers, Wall, Waters, Winn

County Tipperary

Armstrong, Bourk, Bowes, Brombly, Bromley, Brophy, Brown, Burke, Butler, Carew, Carey, Carroll, Casey, Clifford, Cody, Collins, Condrick, Conors, Cook, Corbett,Cronan, Cronin, Crowley, Cuddy, Cullin, Cushing, Cummings, Day, Delahunt, Delaney, Doherty, Dwyer, Edmonds, Edmunds, Enright, Eustice, Fahay, Fanning, Farrell, Fee, Fogerty, Garriety, Gleason, Glennan, Grimes, Hanley, Hanly, Hennessey, Hickey, Higgins, Hines, Hogan, Holloran, Houlihan, Howard, Jones, Kane, Kelly, Kennedy, Lanagan, Leahy, Lee, Lonergan, Maloney, Marksby, McCarthy, McCormick, McDonald, McDonnell, McGrath, McLaughlen (unusual), McNamara, Meher, Moroney, Morrissey, Mulcahy, Mullally, Mullen, Murphy, Norris, O’Brien, O’Connell, O’Connor, O’Donnell, Peters, Powers, Quick, Quirk, Raleigh, Reardon, Regan, Rourke, Ryan, Sadler, Scofield, Shaughnessy, Slattery, Sullivan, Sweeney, Swift, Tracy, Troy, Walpole, Walsh, Warren, Welch

County Tyrone (for additional Tyrone names see the blog entry, “Federal Hill Surnames in the Late 1860’s”).

Achason, Anderson, Armstrong, Bailey, Barlow, Beagan, Berryman, Birney, Bogue, Bradley, Brooks, Brophy, Buchanan, Burk, Burke, Campbell, Cannon, Carey, Carney, Carlin, Carr, Carroll, Cassidy, Clark, Collins, Colwell, Conley, Connelly, Conners, Conway, Corrigan, Cousins, Cox, Coyle, Crawford, Crosby, Crothers, Crumley, Cullen, Curran, Curtiss, Cusick, Daily, Daly, Degnan, Derry, Devlin, Dolan, Donahoe, Donally, Donley, Donnelly, Doran, Dorghety, Doris, Dorris, Dougherty, Doyle, Duffy, Dugan, Duggan, Duress, Falls, Farrell, Flanagan, Fulton, Gallagher, Gallegher, Gamble, Garlan, Gartland, Gillan, Golden, Goodfellow, Goodwin, Gorman, Gormley, Gough, Gowdy, Graham, Gray, Greene, Hackett, Hagan, Hamill, Hamilton, Harley, Harvey, Haughey, Hawkins, Healy, Henry, Hickey, Hines, Holland, Hopkins, Hughes, Johnson, Kane, Keenan, Kelly, Kelley, Kennedy, Kerr, Lawless, Leonard, Loughlin, Loughran, Lynch, Maguire, Marlow, Martin, McAleer, McAnally, McAnanly, McAvoy, McBarron, McBride, McCaffrey, McCann, McCanna, McCanon, McCarn, McCarren, McCarroll, McCarron, McCarty, McCaslin, McCaughy, McCauley, McCluskey, McConnell, McCormick, McCort, McCurry, McCusker, McDermott, McDonald, McDonnagh, McDuff, McElroy, McElvaney, McEnanly, McEvey, McFadden, McGair, McGarr, McGarra, McGee, McGill, McGinley, McGinn, McGirr, McGoldrick, McGrath, McGuigan, McGuire, McGuirk, McGunagle, McKearney, McKenna, McKennah, McLaren,McLaughlin, McLeer, McLelland, McManus, McMaugh, McMenomy, McNamee, McNanly, McNulty, McOsker, McQuade, McSoley, McVey, McVicker, McWilliam, Meegan, Meehan, Meenen, Mellen, Miner, Minor, Mitchell, Moan, Moffitt, Monaghan, Monahan, Montague, Moran, Morris, Mortan, Mulgrew, Mulholland, Mullin, Mullen, Mulrain, Murphy, Murray, Mutry, Nelson, Norris, O’Brien, O’Neil, Parker, Quinn, Rafferty, Reed, Reid, Rice, Rogers, Ruttledge, Ryan, Sally, Scallan, Scanlon, Scullen, Sherry, Slavin, Smith, Stafford, Tague, Teague, Terney, Tierney, Tighe, Todd, Toman, Tracy, Trainer, Trainor, Trimble, Turbitt, Turbot, Vance, Wallen, Watson, Wilkinson, Willock, Woods

County Waterford

Ahern, Carberry, Carroll, Collins, Conners, Crowley, Curran, Devine, Doley, Dower, Dunn, Dunne, Esmond, Foley, Grace, Hamer, Holly, Hubbard, Kehoe, Keogh, Kirby, Lonergan, Lynch, Maher, McGrath, McKenna (rare), Morrissey, Mullen, Murphy, O’Grady, O’Neill, Phelan, Powers, Revens, Shea, Smith, Tracy, Walsh, Whalen, White

County Westmeath

Black, Boylan, Brooks, Cahill, Connor, Connors, Conroy, Dolan, Feeny, Geraghty, Kelly, Kennedy, Krogan, Lynch, Lynn, McCabe, McDermott, McLaughlin, Nagle, O’Neil, Radigan, Reilly, Reynolds, Riley, Ryan, Smith, Tracy, White

County Wexford

Burns, Callahan, Cullen, Delaney, Furlong, Gainor, Hopkins, Kavanagh, Kehoe, Kelly, Manton, Monks, Murphy, Nolan, O’Leary, Prole, Sinett, White

County Wicklow

Cavanagh, Crane, Kirwan, Malloy












  1. Jane George said:

    Are the actual signature books or copies of them available to view anywhere?

    December 6, 2014
    • federalhillirish said:

      Jane, they are available only at the Rhode Island Historical Society in Providence. There are plans to digitize them, but it will be years before the material is complete, if ever. There is so much detail, and yet much of it is difficult to read. What I am writing down is the tip of the iceberg, yet for those looking for Irish ancestors, the books are a goldmine. Do you live near Providence?

      December 8, 2014
    • federalhillirish said:

      there are signature books for bank records at the RI Historical Society library. Census records are available from several sources, including Cemetery records (incomplete) are available here. There are also the records for the Catholic cemeteries in Cranston.

      July 27, 2016
  2. Diane Davies Parrinello said:

    My Grandpa, Patrick Heelan came over from Waterford in the 1800s at the age of 14. He married Mary Todd and had children in 1905, ’07, ’09, ’11 (my mother) and ’13.The rest were boys. I didn’t see Heelan mentioned. He must have been born around the mid ’70s.

    December 15, 2014
    • federalhillirish said:

      Diane, I have covered but a few of the pages from 1867 to 1871. Check back from time to time. I try to add a bit everyday. There are thousands of pages. Plus, if I can’t read the name or the county, I don’t list it. Someday this will be digitized. Well, some of it will be. RIHS and I are discussing the best way to approach it.
      Thank you for your comment.

      December 15, 2014
    • federalhillirish said:

      Did they live in Providence County?

      July 27, 2016
  3. Mary Todd said:

    I am planning on going to Rhode Island this summer (2015), will I be able to look at these books, I found my family name and in the right county!! If I can see the books, what is the address? Thank you for all you do, this is wonderful.

    Mary Todd

    April 29, 2015
    • federalhillirish said:

      Unfortunately, I would not try to tackle the Old Stone Bank Records. You will spend hours and come away empty handed. If I were going to be there anytime soon, I would take a look. But take my word, your time will be wasted looking at them. What I have posted represents just a small amount of the material there. What I am hoping for is that in another year or two I can head up, or just be a member of, a small group that can organize the material, perhaps get it digitized.
      If you have specific names and dates, the State Archives downtown has all the death records on film.
      If you have very specific info, send it to me and I will see if I can direct you.

      May 4, 2015
      • Mary Todd said:

        Thank you for your reply. I want to find information on my great-grandfather Hugh Fox who died in December 1901. I learned of a daughter I had never heard of and can’t find any information on. Her name was Nellie Fox, probably Ellen. I don’t know when she was born but most likely in Ireland. I do know she never married. Hugh Fox was married to Ellen Smith and they lived at 359 Blackstone St. I don’t know where to start looking for information on the family but I do have some death certificates, one is for Hugh Fox another is for Ellen. I don’t even know how much time I should expect to spend in Providence and I must make hotel reservations.

        May 28, 2015
  4. Ever run across the Boyle name? My ancestor Hugh Boyle and Wife came to America and settled in Providence. They had six boys:
    Michael, Andrew, Patrick, John, Hugh and James. I know that Andrew was alive and appearing in various records in Providence up to 1863. Patrick appears to have died in the Civil War based upon an interview of his younger brother, James in 1901. James lived until 1903 and was an Assistant Janitor at the Providence Courthouse. Brothers, John and Hugh both died in 1891. All the records that I have found for this family are in Providence. As for the parents, Hugh died in 1855 after being struck by a train and Rosanna (nee Mulligan) died in 1866 from a cold. I’m not asking for research but if you by chance you are working with an index, perhaps you’ll have the opportunity to take a quick look. I stopped in at the Providence City Archives in my first ever trip to the New England area (traveled from FL) and got copies of Hugh and Rosanna’s Death Returns; it’s all I had time to do on a quick break from a family vacation.

    September 20, 2015
    • federalhillirish said:

      David, I have found little reference to the name Boyle, but will be sensitive to it next time it shows up. Is it a Roscommon name, do you know? There is a town there by that name. Just checked several sources without finding anything. What do you know of their time in Providence? I have not posted anything lately because I am turning my writing into a book. If you have stories I may have a place in my story for your ancestors. By the way, I went to school (in RI) with Boyles.
      Do you know the neighborhood your folk lived, or the church they attended? Have you consulted the website, Southern New England Irish? Lots of cemetery stones recorded. Have you checked the newspapers for Hugh’s death? Suicide? I have a gg grandfather who threw himself in front of a train (the famine era Irish had many challenges). I found newspaper articles. Additionally, the state archives have records from the RR’s of such happenings. I have the RR report on my poor fellow. One of my essays concerns him. You may want to read it.
      Let’s stay in touch. Thank you for writing.

      September 20, 2015
  5. Nancy Moffett said:

    I have looked in vain for the County of origin for a set of brothers who arrived in the US and lived in and around Providence from about 1850-1863. They were named Tomas, Francis, Felix, Patrick and William Moffitt (Moffit, Moffat, Morphet, etc, but most commonly Moffitt). Upon their arrival in 1850, they were aged 8-20. Apparently, they arrived without their parents. I have found them in RI marriage records, RI census, etc, living in Cumberland, Smithfield and Providence. But your information is the first that I see that ties “Moffitt” with any specific location in Ireland, Co. Tyrone. I know you say that the challenging, but is there any way to find the first names associated with the family names in your records?

    September 20, 2015
    • federalhillirish said:

      Nancy, There is good news and bad news. The bad news is that your name seems to be quite unusual in Rhode Island. That is also good news. Beyond my McKenna name, which is the most common name in North Monaghan and South Tyrone, as well as being extremely common in 19th century Providene, I have had my best success with a very uncommon Irish name, Stroker. Because it is so uncommon, I have learned a great deal about the family. Having said that, I didn’t record specific names with Moffitt. Have you looked to and Familysearch list many Moffitt Irish records. If your people were naturalized, familysearch also has the naturalization papers. And the site is free.
      I will keep a lookout in my research.
      Let’s stay in touch.
      Thank you.

      September 21, 2015
      • Nancy Moffett said:

        Yes, I believe I’ve exhausted Ancestry, FamilySearch, FindmyPast, and RootsIreland. I’ve located Naturalization papers, death certificates, headstone photos, cemetery records….etc. I’ve tracked down siblings, cousins, children, etc. I’ve found obits and other newspaper articles. One sister of the Moffitt brothers, who is listed as Mary Casey on her Providence RI marriage certificate to John Saunders on 4 April 1856 is the one sibling I haven’t been able to track down. From the 1930 census of the living children of the Moffitt immigrants, I find two votes for “Northern Ireland”, 2 votes for “Irish Free State”, 1 vote for “Ireland” and one vote for “Scotland” as the birthplace of father. No joy there either. My current hypothesis is County Leitrim based on another Moffitt family that settled in Plattsburgh NY that is likely related. Keep me in mind if you happen across any MOFFITT references. Thank you.

        December 31, 2015
        • Loree Muldowney said:

          Nancy Moffett… I don’t know if this would be helpful or not, but here’s this…
          Part of my paternal family is McGirl from Leitrim. The brother of my Great grandfather John McGirl — Thomas — married in Providence, Mary Moffett. They both died young and there were no surviving children. However there is a gravestone at St. Francis Cemetery, with this inscription.
          THOMAS McGIRL, d. 10 July 1876, in the 35th year of his age.
          MARY McGIRL, d. 23 Oct 1887, in the 40th year of her age.
          BRIDGET MOFFITT, d. 1 March 1872, in the 37th year of her age.
          Natives of the Parish of Faenigh, Co. Leitrim, Ireland
          Erected by Anna M. Moffitt

          March 9, 2017
          • federalhillirish said:

            I have come across the McGirl name in local records. I have it recorded as a Leitrim name in Providence County. Do you have any stories, documents, photos? Do you know anything about the lives they lived?
            Thank you.

            March 10, 2017
  6. Nancy Moffett said:

    Yes, I believe I’ve exhausted all of the resources of FamilySearch, Ancestry, AmericanAncestors, FindmyPast and RootsIreland. I’ve located obits, cemetery records, death certificates, marriage records, naturalization papers, newspaper articles, children’s birth records, etc. I’ve tracked siblings, children, cousins. The one sibling I haven’t been able to track is Mary Moffitt, listed as Mary Casey in her marriage record to John Saunders in RI in 1854. The 1930 census for the living children of the MOFFITT brothers have 2 votes for “Northern Ireland, 2 votes for “Irish Free State”, one vote for “Ireland” and one vote for “Scotland” as birthplace of father; no joy there either. My current hypothesis is County Leitrim based on a possible connection to another MOFFITT family that settled in Plattsburgh, NY. Thanks for your reply and keep me in mind if you should come across any mention of the MOFFITT/MOFFAT/MOFFETT/MOPHET family.

    December 31, 2015
  7. Michele said:

    Still looking for the name Kilbane? Mayo , Achill ? Can you help me find my Great Grandparents ? Kilbane I have been looking for so long and cannot find the Kilbane I know they are from County Mayo ,Achill? Thank you if any way you can help me find my roots?

    March 10, 2016
    • federalhillirish said:

      Did you look for Gilbane? Same name. I think I wrote to you regarding this. What did you find?

      July 27, 2016
  8. James McElroy said:

    Any suggestions on finding Naturalization Petitions for McElroy family living on Atwells Avenue in Federal Hill? Also searching for James Rinn, but Rinn is not a name that you list by Irish Counties.

    I use Ancestry and Family Search, and also use Family Tree DNA to locate distant cousins. If I visit Rhode Island any suggestions on where to research?
    God Bless!

    September 20, 2016
    • federalhillirish said:

      James, it’s not hard to find McElroys on Federal Hill. It was the third most popular surname, after McKenna and Campbell, on the Hill in the 1850’s to ’70’s. Separating them out, well, that’s another story. I can’t separate my McKennas out. I can tell you that most of those on Federal Hill came from the parish of Clogher in County Tyrone. As you must know, McElroy is said to have originated in County Fermanagh, adjacent to Clogher. Can I see your tree? What do you have for names and dates? Importantly for me, as I am writing a history of the Federal Hill community, do you have family stories or photos?
      I look forward to hearing from you.

      September 22, 2016
  9. Shaun OBrien said:


    I see you have the name Cronan listed for Cork. Could you tell me the names associated with the surname?


    October 7, 2017
    • federalhillirish said:

      Sean, I only keep track of surnames. Given names would make for an out of control list. Not to mention the repeating of given names in families.

      October 23, 2017
  10. Cynthia said:

    My great grandmother was a McKenna (Margaret (Maggie) married to John McPeak in Providence. They lived and worked in Pontiac at the mill. Died at a young age (both-less than a year apart) in 1881 (?), leaving behind 3 children. I have been trying to find out John’s mothers name…all I know (or think) is that it was Jane.

    April 5, 2018
    • federalhillirish said:

      Cynthia, send me the information that you have and I will see what I can find. What do you know of your Maggie McKenna (my daughter’s name). Do you know her parents or where she was born?

      April 8, 2018
  11. Maureen Mulvey Farrow said:

    My surname is Mulvey a name of Irish antiquity. Apparently associated with County Leitrim. The largest population of Mulveys are in RI. My grandfather and his father born in NYC. I am a novice working on my family tree and thinking that they arrived in Ameica through Rhode Island?

    April 27, 2018
    • federalhillirish said:

      Hi Maureen, the Mulvey families that I have found in RI originated in Galway, Monaghan, Roscommon and, yes, Leitrim. Proving the connection may take some time. Why your family stayed in NY and didn’t come to RI? There could be many names. I know that the Tyrone/Monaghan folks (the biggest group in RI) also had settlements in Philadelphia, New York and elsewhere. NY is also where most of the RI landed.
      I wish you the best of luck in your search. Please keep your eye on this blog, as I may uncover something of the Mulveys.

      April 29, 2018

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