It’s Not All Irish (but it’s pretty close).

Five generations and at least 150 years separate these two men. Alexander McDonald Lawson was born in Edinburgh in 1814. On October 9, 1850, he sailed from Glasgow to New York City, arriving seven weeks later on November 25, 1850.
Daniel Carson McKenna, Alexander’s great great great grandson was born in Springfield, Mass., on March 20, 1984.
When Dan shows this photo to his friends, they are speechless. The same thing happens when I show this photo to my friends. They recognize me in Alexander immediately. We have Dan’s fifth cousin, Stephanie DeMaio, to thank for this picture. She saw reference to Alexander on my tree and reached out to me. We had never met before, and yet she lives only eight miles from my home, in Storrs, Connecticut, where she is a student. Additionally, Stephanie, her sister Jessica, and mother Janet McLaughlin DeMaio, found Alexander’s journal from his journey from Glasgow to New York!
Something new to write about soon.

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